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May 29, 2015

Welcome Post

You have stumbled on the old Welcome Post which has some fun old news in case you wanted to travel back in time.

Welcome to the new Indie Game Lover™ site. Since it is sparkling and new you won't find much content yet but I wanted to make a small introduction post first. You may have noticed the Facebook and Tumblr have been a little quiet and all the spare time I have had I've been putting into getting this site up while making sure to keep Twitter going throughout each day.

I had this general idea a few months back and as Twitter passed the 9,000 mark I decided I would expand for sure. Originally I wanted to open this in sync with hitting 10,000 on Twitter but I get nervous about stuff like this and it took far longer to get all the background details in order. I am not too late to that party it fashionably late...due to being too shy to show up on time.

Many thanks for all the followers and all the great stuff I see people sharing each day.

I have spent a long while poking on the side at this and brainstorming how I would go about using it. I still don't know exactly how everything will be done but nothing will happen unless I start somewhere so nerves aside it is time to fully start it. Feel free to follow for updates and take the journey with me, Indie Game Lover™.

Most shared content here will be related to indie games and development but you may find occasional shares related to other gaming or creative realms as well. In the end, Indie Game Lover™ is here to help others.

Wondering how to submit indie game or development content? Stop by this post.

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