Indie Game Lover: New Public Trello Board

July 20, 2016

New Public Trello Board

This is just a small post to let you know that there is a new public Trello board for Indie Game Lover.

Technically it isn't new but I decided to make it public since it is what I use to track games I'd like to post here on the main site. Since there is no way for me to share everything I'm hoping it will be a way to help spread all the games around a little more so feel free to bookmark it (and this site) if you want to catch wind of what I've pulled most recently.

Be sure to vote on your favorite games as I'll occasionally grab a feature from the most popular ones. Every so often I'll clear the votes for a new time period so check back if you want to vote again (please note anyone can see the board but if you want to vote you'll have to make a free Trello account).


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