Dusk Tactics

Indie Game: Dusk Tactics

Dusk Tactics is a turn based tactical role playing game that is currently in development for the PC/Mac/Linux. It features deep strategic gameplay that is heavily influenced by the classic era of tactical role playing games.

The game has a 2D isometric style reminiscent of older handheld and console RPGs and SRPGs such as FInal Fantasy Tactics, Tactics Ogre, Disgaea, and more. While not truely isometric, it's what is referred to as “video game isometric”, it enables the creation of a pseudo-3D environment using only 2D elements.

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More Developer Info
Dusk Tactics Project The goal of DTP is to not only start, but finish the process of creating one (1) Dusk Tactics game. As someone who has been playing video games since I was a kid, my favorite genre was always tactical rpgs and there was never enough. With a background in programming, I decided it was time to create the game I always wanted to play.

Country: United States
Team Count: 1
State: Planned 2022
Platforms: Windows/Mac/Linux
Mode: Single Player

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