Farmer Supreme!

Indie Game: Farmer Supreme

Farmer Supreme is a top-down Pixel Art game that mixes Exploration/Adventure Zelda-style with Farming Sim/Harvest Moon type. Your main goal is to become the next Farmer Supreme, to do so, you need to find and plant all the cultivable crops in the world and level them up.

Some crops will be hidden in secret areas, others will be guarded by creatures, some will be rewards from helping the townsfolk and some will be found in the depths of Big Bosses dungeons.

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More Developer Info
Sombrero Cat LLC We are a brand new studio and we have a couple of prototypes with different Game Engines. But Farmer Supreme, thanks to the Godot Engine, is our first big game in development.

Team Count: 1
State: Planned 2021
Platforms: PC
Mode: Single-player

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