Framing Dawes

Indie Game: Framing Dawes

A story-rich, dark fantasy, single-player, 2d point and click adventure, where a witches curse means it's Groundhog Day in a Wonderland. Cast spells, build a flying bathtub, talk to inanimate objects, find missing socks and much more!

Framing Dawes is an atmospheric adventure game following teenager Bay Dawes on her journey to find and bring a missing boy to the asylum where her mother is being held captive before the end of the day. If she doesn't, she will be framed for his murder and never see her mother again. Accompanied by her dead pet rabbit, Dink, they explore the hidden world beneath her town of Foresight in a flying bathtub to recover missing memories and rescue her mother.

But can she break the curse before its too late?

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More Developer Info
Jinx-It Games is an independent games studio based in the United United Kingdom. It was founded by Caroline Van Dierkson in 2016, who does the game design, programming, animation and music.

Country: United Kingdom
Team Count: 1
State: Planned 2021
Platforms: Windows & Mac
Mode: Single Player

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