Minute of Islands

Indie Game: Minute of Islands

"Explore strange and wonderful islands and dark labyrinths below in this narrative puzzle platformer. Guide young mechanic Mo on her quest to repair a world on the brink of collapse. The powerful Omni Switch at your disposal may not be enough to fix the damage that hides beneath the surface..."

You are Mo, a skilled tinkerer, living with her family on a pastoral archipelago, once inhabited by an ancient race of inscrutable giants. Their otherworldly but vital machines, festering in the underbellies of the islands themselves, must be kept going or an almost forgotten threat will swallow all. Mo vows to restore the hidden engines in time, but is this truly what she needs?"

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More Developer Info
Studio Fizbin is an independent games studio located in Ludwigsburg and Berlin, Germany, and founded in 2011. They strongly focus on story-based games and interactive apps with exciting, original and unique characters, worlds and tales.

Fizbin’s first original IP, the award-winning point & click adventure “The Inner World” as well as its sequel “The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk” were released on all major platforms. In addition to own games projects, Studio Fizbin designs and develops complete interactive games and apps for clients.

Since 2018, Fizbin has been developing “Minute of Islands”, "Lost at Sea" and “Say No! More”, which will be released in 2020 and 2021.

Mixtvision is an award-winning cross-platform publisher based in Munich, Germany. A dedicated team is working to publish indie games that resonate with players through moving stories and gameplay, inspire thoughts and emotions, and leave a lasting impression.

Country: Germany
Team Count: 25
State: Planned 2021
Platforms: PC (Windows/Mac), PS4, Xbox One, & Nintendo Switch
Mode: Single-player

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