Neko Ghost, Jump!

Indie Game: Neko Ghost, Jump!

Neko Ghost, Jump! is a puzzle-platformer where you switch between 2D & 3D camera perspectives and between your physical form & ghost form to solve puzzles, collect coins, combat enemies, and clear levels faster.

Nekoworld is a peaceful, fun-loving world inhabited by the Neko people. One day, on Nekoman's wedding day, Space Dog Pirates invade and abduct all of Nekoman's friends and family. It's up to you to help him rescue not only his bride-to-be but for everyone else as well.

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More Developer Info
Burgos Games was founded in 2018 by Victor Burgos, a Puerto Rican, 12-year US Marine Veteran, and Savannah College Art and Design (SCAD) graduate (BFA in Interactive Design and Game Development). After years of working for others, he decided to take a chance and branch out on his own. After the initial prototype of Neko Ghost, Jump!, the team size has grown slowly and is now 10-developers strong.

Burgos Games is dedicated to breathing new life to as many genres as possible. As a Minority & Veteran-owned, equal opportunity studio, you can expect great things in the future.

Country: United States
Team Count: 10
State: Planned 2021
Platforms: PC (Win/Linux), Nintendo Switch, PS4/PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Mobile
Mode: Single player

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