Indie Game: Onirism

Onirism is an Action/Adventure game where you play as Carol, a little girl full of energy and imagination with an attitude. One night, she is waken up by a strange portal appearing in her bedroom.

A mysterious creature emerges from it and steals her Bunbun plushie away! Without any hesitation, Carol goes through the portal to chase it. She ends up in Crearia, a fantastic world inhabited by strange lifeforms.

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More Developer Info
Crimson Tales We are Crimson Tales, a passionate team of developers, but a bunch of friends first! We met during our studies and now we are working together on Onirism! It's a project we have been working on for over four years!

Country: France / Argentina
Team Count: 5
State: Planned 2022. Currently early access.
Platforms: PC Windows
Mode: Single player and Co-op adventure / Local splitscreen and Online multiplayer / Co-op and PVP modes

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