Polyville Canyon

Indie Game: Polyville Canyon

Welcome to Polyville Canyon! A relaxing and peaceful city builder where no bad things ever happen! You've been invited to a meeting at a charming little train station just outside of Polyville City by a local construction company.

They say they're being asked to build an entire city out in the Canyons, and they desperately need some help. They thought that since you're the only one they know that has a mouse and keyboard, it would be much easier for you to do the work. If you agree, you will earn a share of every Train Ticket sold to visitors and residents, either coming or going!

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More Developer Info
Henagames - A one-man game dev studio in Southern California making games for everyone!

Country: US
Team Count: 1
State: Planned 2021
Platforms: PC
Mode: Single Player

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