Sayri: The Beginning

Indie Game: Sayri: The Beginning

Forced to flee their homeworld after catastrophic events, Sayri has crash-landed on the stunning world of Ayris. Inspired by its beauty, they are compelled to explore this unfamiliar planet in search of a new home. The journey has just begun, and Sayri will need to overcome many challenges that may be too great to face alone.

Discover every secret Ayris has to offer by forming new friendships with curious locals along the way. Every creature you meet will have a unique ability to aid Sayri in their quest to find answers and settle into a new home. Open your heart to those in need and they may, in turn, repay the favor.

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More Developer Info
Vidloonnya Reborn We are a team from Ukraine and Sayri: The Beginning is our first project that we've been working on since 2017. The name of our team, "Vidloonnya", is a beautiful Ukrainian world meaning reflection of the moon on water or echo. Currently our team consists of 4 people:

Vasyl Kalinin - Senior Unreal Engine Developer
Artem Savotin - Head of the studio and producer of the game
Konstantin Matznev - Game Director / Art director and cinematic artist
Polina Trofimova - 2D/3D Artist

We’ve gathered together under one main vision and idea of what has not changed by today to make beautiful, non-violent games comfortable to play by the whole family together.

Country: Ukraine
Team Count: 4
State: Planned 2021
Platforms: PC, Consoles (Playstation & Xbox)
Mode: Single player

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