Indie Game: Snacko

Even with some reluctant help from curmudgeonly caretaker Nobu, these kitties have their paws full trying to rebuild the island from scratch.

As Momo, with Mikan’s help, you’ll grow crops, take care of animals, go fishing, and more, while choosing who to invite to help populate your budding village. And as you explore the smaller surrounding isles, who knows what mysteries and legends you might uncover… ?

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More Developer Info
Bluecurse Studios is a husband and wife team based in Canada! Erisa is the artist and community manager, while Jordan is the game's programmer and SFX designer. We've already been working on Snacko for a few years, though 2019 was the year we decided to take a chance and go full time on it.

Country: Canada
Team Count: 2
State: Planned 2021
Platforms: PC, Nintendo Switch
Mode: Single player

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