Witchery Academy

Indie Game: Witchery Academy

This game had an interview read here.
"Witchery Academy is a life simulator that simulates a young student's life learning magic. Live the adventures of being a wizard student. Spend days at the academy learning spells, growing mysterious plants for your potions, meeting other soon to-be-wizards, exploring the grounds and bonding with your spirit companion cat!

Enjoy chilling with your spirit companion, form a strong bond with it giving it love with pats, treats and games. Your cat will always be there for you.

Explore new locations surrounding the academy, and befriend a cast of unique characters, each with their own quests and story to discover."

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More Developer Info
Cubenary is a small indie studio, with experienced game developers who want to cheer up the world with wholesome games. We aim to create games that we want to enjoy ourselves! The studio was formed in 2018 with our first indie game, Fantasy Little Jobs, a VR whimsical experience where you can have a taste of running a shop in a fantasy medieval era.

Country: Spain
Team Count: 2
State: Planned for 2022
Platforms: PC (Windows) & Consoles
Mode: Single-player

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