Zniw Adventure

Indie Game: Zniw Adventure

A prehistoric point 'n click adventure for the entire family! Join Zniw, a young female dinosaur, as she tries to return home from a rather unfortunate trip to the nearby forest, in hopes of finding a perfect gift for her mother's hatchday!

It won't be an easy feat, as one misadventure will lead to another! Will you help our poor young dinosaur safely reach her hometown?

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More Developer Info
Łukasz Mikołajczyk & Karolina Twardosz Łukasz Mikołajczyk is a jolly and wisecracking game developer and designer, while Karolina Twardosz is a talented artist and animator, but also a biology major. The pair is from the distant slavic lands of Poland, where they've developed Zniw Adventure in their free time.

Country: Poland
Team Count: 2
State: Released 2020
Platforms: PC (Windows/Linux)
Mode: Single player

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