January 8, 2017

Site Overhaul

It is finally completed! "What is?" you may ask. I am unsure how many people passed by and noticed Indie Game Lover in a bit of a chaotic state this week, but I've spent hours and hours and hours cleaning up and overhauling the site. I didn't hate the way it looked but I decided it was time to take a break from regular dev work and focus on getting Indie Game Lover to be more mobile and device friendly.

Device samples. Click to expand.

Being device friendlier was something that had been on the to-do since the last update (as I hadn't had a chance to fix that part). The way it was before was nothing special for devices; you merely saw the entire computer version load up no matter your screen size. There are still a few minor things that didn't get tweaked perfectly, but I must get back to regular dev as well as regular Indie Game Lover work. For some comparison fun, here are the old Indie Game Lover layout versions. Do you remember when it was started and was blue?

Old Layouts. Click to expand.

Since I knew mobile changes would take a lot of work, I figured I might as well do a big visual change too while still maintaining similarities (like colors and graphics). And so, have the now third iteration of Indie Game Lover-- complete with mobile bookmark icons.

As a side note, one of the days was spent with some 8+ hours filling out information for all the games that had piled up in Trello (see the now nice and clean "Need Trello Setup" board?). Don't forget you can bookmark Trello as well.

It has been a little bit since a main post has been added here due to the holiday break and this overhaul but stay tuned for new main posts soon. Don't forget to also follow Tumblr for Timely Tuesday and WIP Wednesday. There is also Twitter for daily shared content, and Facebook for slower updates.

There are also some new ideas being mulled over for general changes / additions to Indie Game Lover but we will have to see where the road takes us and what of those break through the gate (if any). Until then, I hope you have also had a productive start to the year and I hope to catch your #IndieGameLover work soon.

[Indie] Game On.


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