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August 17, 2019

Indie Crowdfunding: Ongoing

Here is our ongoing collection of hand-selected crowdfunding indie game campaigns that worth taking a deeper peek into. ♥

There are many amazing games that are seeking crowdfunding at any given time, and this is our ongoing page dedicated to showing off some of the ones that catch our interest the most. It is impossible to share them all, and this list is curated, but we will do our best to occasionally add in new ones that we think are worth a deeper look so we encourage you to bookmark this page and come back. Together we can all help these indie games succeed in their crowdfunding state.

This page will be ordered with our newest additions on the top (so it is easier you for to find the new content when you come back). If you want to try and get your campaign in front of us, tag @indiegamelover on Twitter with a link and the end date (but, like all submissions, we make no promises you will be added). ♥

Crowdfunding: Kickstarter || Ends: January 20
Indie Game: Galaxy in Turmoil
Links: || Twitter ||

"Galaxy in Turmoil's is a FREE multiplayer combined-arms game set in a brand-new universe, created by a team of volunteers. It’s all about endless arms races, corporate espionage, and, most of all, blasting "

Crowdfunding: Kickstarter || Ends: February 1
Indie Game: Zhelter
Links: || Twitter ||

"Zhelter is about surviving a Zombie apocalypse, saving survivors, building shelter. How long do you think you can stay alive in this nightmare?"

Crowdfunding: Kickstarter || Ends: January 26
Indie Game: World of Dabado
Links: || Twitter ||

"Explore a hand-painted fairy tale world, dive into unusual adventures, experience positive storyline and discover secret Knowledge. World of Dabado is a story-driven puzzle/RPG game, designed in the spirit of the best adventure/exploration RPGs of the 1980's and 90's. It takes the best from the games of this golden period and adds new mechanics, unique art style, exceptional music, deep nonlinear story, and positive experiences."

Crowdfunding: Kickstarter || Ends: February 3
Indie Game: It is nice when it snows
Links: || Twitter ||

"2D platformer adventure with challenging puzzles in a magical tale setting with a social message where you control a snowball. Join this little snowman (or what it is left of him) in a journey through the permafrost. Find all the snowman pieces along the way and discover the powers that are behind them."

Crowdfunding: IndieGoGo || Ends: January 10
Indie Game: Ultimate Reality
Links: || Twitter ||

"Ultimate Reality is a 2D platformer indie game that combines the elements of classic platformers with modern game mechanics like finishers and a heavy influenced combat system. You play as Drake Smith, a man whoe can travel to alternate realities and aquire the attributes of those realities. This is an early demo of the game and can be subject to change."

Crowdfunding: IndieGoGo || Ends: January 13
Indie Game: Blubber Blasters
Links: || Twitter ||

"Blubber Busters is a run-&-gun 2D action platforming adventure diving headlong into the bellies of sad, afflicted space whales to cure what ails 'em. Explore their innards, discover the sources of each infection and neutralize them! Each disease offers up unique challenges, enemies, and objectives to get those poor creatures right as rain again."

Crowdfunding: Kickstarter || Ends: January 2
Indie Game: LoveSick Darlings
Links: || Twitter ||

"LoveSick Darlings is a visual novel focused on developing and testing the limits of teenage relationships. It explores friendship, youth, love, and everything in between with its high school setting. The game plays with tropes and expectations found in romantic visual novels and dating sims by undercutting this often-romanticized period of everyone's lives with a realistic edge. But just like in the real world, there is a lot of hope and happiness in the game too. It all rests on YOUR decisions!"

Crowdfunding: Kickstarter || Ends: January 4
Indie Game: DicTater
Links: || Twitter ||

"You somehow managed to get onto a page completely dedicated to a game about potatoes killing each other. Glad you're here though! Welcome to DicTater, a 4X strategy game about potatoes taking over the world. It will be released on iOS and Android. That's right, it's a mobile game. But don't worry, it's not going to be one of those dumb spend-1000-hours-waiting-or-pay-50-bucks-to-progress games. It's PC quality gameplay built for the mobile phone. An actual game for the bloated mobile market."

Games on Fig

Crowdfunding: Fig
Indie Game: Put 'Em Up!
Links: || LoPolyGames Twitter || Pewter Games Twitter ||

"Welcome to Put 'Em Up! (Animal Heist Simulator) - a game about a gang of anthropomorphic animals who get involved in a number of heists (and other fun activities) at the behest of Tony, a mad scientist/getaway driver/sewer dweller."

Crowdfunding: Fig
Indie Game: Unexplored 2
Links: || Twitter ||

"Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer's Legacy is a roguelite action-RPG and prodigious sequel to the critically acclaimed indie gem, Unexplored. Leave the Dungeon of Doom behind and venture into a vast, wondrous world as you embark on a heroic quest to destroy the mysterious Staff of Yendor."

Crowdfunding: Fig
Indie Game: Vagrus - The Riven Realms
Links: || Twitter ||

"Embark on a perilous journey across a realm forsaken by the gods and devastated by an arcane cataclysm. Accompanied by a hardy crew, you must trade, fight, and explore your way to success as the leader of a traveling company in Vagrus, a post-apocalyptic fantasy RPG-strategy hybrid."

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