A Juggler's Tale

Indie Game: A Juggler's Tale

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Lead Abby the string puppet through a bruised, but beautiful world in this poetic 3D adventure. Solve riddles, evade traps, and shake off pursuers on your way to find freedom. Can Abby take control of her own fate and make a difference with all the strings attached?

Alas, freedom comes at a cost and Abby soon finds herself dragged into the dangers this world has to offer: In a war-torn, medieval fairytale, surrounded by ravaged, starving citizens and hunted by the relentless cut-throat Tonda, Abby has to cross raging rivers, make it through bandit camps and around traps. Her adventure is always accompanied by the lyrical rhymes of puppet master Jack, who is telling her story while holding the strings of his puppets firmly in his ever-helpful hands.

Who can Abby trust? Can she find a way to truly break free? Despite dangling from her threads, will Abby learn that she can still influence her destiny?

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More Developer Info
kaleidoscube - is a game studio from Southern Germany focussing on games and transmedia formats with a strong focus on atmosphere and narration. The studio was newly founded during the team’s studies at the "Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg". After working on multiple internationally awarded animated shorts and contributing to other game projects and mobile games, "A Juggler's Tale" is kaleidoscube’s first own major video game.

Mixtvision is an award-winning cross-platform publisher based in Munich, Germany. A dedicated team is working to publish indie games that resonate with players through moving stories and gameplay, inspire thoughts and emotions, and leave a lasting impression.

Country: Germany
Team Count: 4
State: Planned 2021
Platforms: PC (Windows), PS, Xbox, Nintendo Switch
Mode: Single player

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