Indie Game Lover: 9 Retro-inspired FPS Indie Games

September 20, 2019

9 Retro-inspired FPS Indie Games

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Call them 'retro,' call them 'classic,' or call them 'just plain great,' first-person shooters from the 90's like DOOM, Quake, Unreal, and Duke Nukem 3D have inspired countless game developers to pursue their dream job of making videogames.

Some game developers have been so inspired by their favourite shooters that they've taken the time to craft their own FPS games as homages to the greats, with modern conveniences included for modern audiences, of course.

Which of these games are modern-day greats themselves?

Here are 9 of the very best first-person shooter indie games inspired by the classics:

Project Warlock
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"Project Warlock is a first person shooter that fans of Doom, Hexen and Wolfenstein cannot miss. It serves you an exploding cocktail of bullets, spells and monsters."

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"Possessed by an alien entity, slash and tear countless enemies with your monstrous claws, you must find a way to escape the planet before you lose what's left of your humanity!"

Amid Evil
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"A retro FPS for the ages! Once branded a HERETIC. Now YOU have been chosen as our champion! Reclaim our sacred weapons. Take back our ancient lands."

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"Apocryph is a FPS set in a brutal dark fantasy world. It takes it's roots in old-school fantasy shooters such as Hexen, Heretic, Painkiller and Strife."

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"Battle through an onslaught of mystical backwater cultists, possessed militants & even darker forces as you attempt to discover just what lurks beneath the Earth in this retro FPS inspired by the '90s legends."

Ion Fury
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An action-packed first-person shooter inspired by classics of the genre.

» Steam || GOG || Main Site || Twitter «
"STRAFE is the worlds bloodiest roguelike first-person shooter! Featuring mind melting secrets and persistent gore that allows you to paint levels red with the excessive entrails of your enemies"

Bunker Punks
» Steam || Main Site || Twitter «
"Bunker Punks is a fast paced rogue-light FPS set in a dystopian future. Run a group of revolutionaries and raid corporate strongholds for supplies, weapons and armor. Customize your bunker, train your gang and tear down the corporate government."

Devil Daggers
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"Devil Daggers is a fast-paced shooter that places you in an abyssal arena to face endless legions of demons. Armed with versatile magic daggers and a fluid movement system, fight to survive as long as you can."

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