Indie Game: Duru

Duru is a 2D puzzle adventure about mole rats and depression. It shows how we all can help people affected by this illness. Set in a West-African inspired mole rat colony you play Tuli, one of the gatherers of the colony. One day everything becomes harder as Bel, an AI companion and the personification of Tuli's growing depression, joins the party.

While running, jumping and painting your way through the tunnels surrounding the colony you have to find a way to deal with Bel and its manipulative behaviour. Your constant companion moves objects you painted around, eats them and holds you back in which ever way possible. Learn to use Bels behaviour in a way that lets you progress.

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More Developer Info
Twisted Ramble Games tell stories about stigmatized topics like mental illness, social constraints and cultural differences. They want to present those topics from different perspectives and strengthen awareness. Thus they give new ways to solve problems and react healthier to difficult situations or persons affected by one of these topics and close the gap between serious games and entertainment.

After finishing their bachelors degrees in Game Design at HTW Berlin Kerstin and Verena decided in October 2017 to unofficially form Twisted Ramble Games and start working on the first game "Duru" in their spare time. In July 2019 Twisted Ramble Games pitched the concept of story-driven games with serious topics, told in a light-hearted but earnest way, to the jury of the Berliner Startup Stipendium and got funding by the European Social Fund ESF as well as the state Berlin.

Country: Germany
Team Count: 3
State: Planned 2020
Platforms: PC (Windows, Mac), Nintendo Switch
Mode: Single Player

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