Indie Game Lover: Moonlight Feature: HyperParasite

May 1, 2019

Moonlight Feature: HyperParasite

What do you love about your game?
"We offer a really fresh twist on the genre: you play as an alien parasite that can snatch any character on screen and exploit its own abilities, weapons and special attacks. The gameplay is always different for each subsequent run! We really love this aspect of our game."
Indie Game HyperParasite
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Status: || Early Access Ready to Play || Platforms: Windows ||

Consume a host and play your style
Wreak havoc, a HyperParasite gamble
Wars were ending, but streets aren't safe
As the enemy you lurk, ready to phase

A Little About HyperParasite
"Relentless rogue-lite shooter/brawler coming soon to a host near you. SNATCH, ZAP and REPEAT your way through a dystopian 1980's as a mysterious organism bent on world domination."
At a glance categories:
Action, rogue-lite, & twin-stick

Check out some of HyperParasite in play from Loopy- 2mysteriousnuggets:

Take Me Away

To Magical Places

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