Indie Game Lover: My Time in Portia

July 25, 2019

My Time in Portia

Begin your new life and adventure in My Time in Portia where you'll inherit your Pa's workshop to begin restoring it in a colorful & casual post-apocalyptic world. Establish relations with the inhabitants of the town!

Rebuild your Pa's workshop with quest-adventure features
You'll make friends and dive dark to battle wild creatures
Use creativity to build your farm and raise some fluffs
My Time in Portia is an enchanting must
Indie Game: My Time in Portia
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Status: || Ready to Play || Platforms: PC (Windows), Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4 ||

"My Time at Portia is a hybrid of RPG and Simulation game with an open world. The whole game is set in a post-apocalyptic scenario, and the player will need to start a new life in the small town of Portia. For this purpose, the player will be able to interact and establish relations with the inhabitants of the town, as well as gather natural resources from the environment, craft new items and find treasures and relics from the past."

At a glance categories:
Adventure, RPG, & simulator

Watch part of My Time in Portia being played by BestInSlot below:

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