Indie Game Lover: 9 New Indie Games Out in October

September 27, 2019

9 New Indie Games Out in October

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The telltale sound of tiny flapping wings can be heard swarming o'er the distant horizon, which can only mean one thing: The mystical 'Butterflies of Anticipation' are back once more to let us know that some stellar new indie games are on the way very, very soon...

Which of these upcoming indie games have caught our attention at first blush? We've collected together nine of our most anticipated games of October 2019, and laid them out below in order of release date, with a keen video for you to enjoy, too!
Featuring Indivisible, Afterparty, Kine, and more.
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Oct 02

♥ Links: Steam | Main Site
"WARSAW is a challenging WWII turn-based tactical RPG taking place in a war torn city and sporting beautiful hand painted graphics."

Neo Cab 03
Oct 03

♥ Links: Steam | Itchio | Nintendo Switch
"Stay human in a world overcome by automation. Play as Lina, one of the last human driver-for-hire on the streets of Los Ojos."

Indivisible 08
Oct 08

♥ Links: Steam | PS4 | Xbox One
"Indivisible is a hand drawn action RPG platformer set in a huge fantasy world, that tells the story of Ajna, a fearless girl with a rebellious streak who sets out on a quest to save everything she knows from being destroyed."

Pine 10
Oct 10

♥ Links: Steam | Nintendo Switch
"An open-world action adventure game set in a simulated world in which humans never reached the top of the food chain."

Tangle Tower 10
Oct 10

♥ Links: Steam | iOS Store
"Unravel a thrilling mystery by exploring a strange and twisted mansion, discovering curious clues, interrogating peculiar suspects and solving unique puzzles. Will you be able to uncover the secrets of Tangle Tower?"

Disco Elysium 15
Oct 15

♥ Links: Steam | GOG
"Disco Elysium is a groundbreaking open world role playing game. You’re a detective with a unique skill system at your disposal and a whole city block to carve your path across. Become a hero or an absolute disaster of a human being."

Stela 17
Oct 17

♥ Links: Main Site
"Stela is a cinematic, atmospheric platformer about a young woman witnessing the final days of a mysterious ancient world."

Kine 17
Oct 17

♥ Links: Epic Store | Nintendo Switch
"Kine is a 3D puzzle game about three daring machines that aspire to be musicians."

Afterparty 29
Oct 29

♥ Links: Steam | Main Site
"In Afterparty, you are Milo and Lola, recently deceased best buds who suddenly find themselves staring down an eternity in Hell. But there's a loophole: outdrink Satan and he'll grant you re-entry to Earth."

Check out the indie games in motion with our Youtube video below:

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