Indie Game Lover: Screenshot Saturday: Sep 14th

September 16, 2019

Screenshot Saturday: Sep 14th

Indie Game Thumbnail Screenshot Saturday
A hand collected selection of some of this week's Screenshot Saturday finds.
This collection features: Figment: Creed Valley, Bears in Space, Hellscreen, and much more!
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Screenshot Saturday Highlights - Motion ♥

Figment: Creed Valley
Bears in Space
Rush Attack
Bot Gaiden
EndCycle VS
AWAY: The Survival Series
Cyber Hook
Demoniaca: Everlasting Night
Trial Of Destiny
Super Buckyball Tournament
Three of June
Iron Meat

Screenshot Saturday Highlights - Stills ♥

Spear Master
Paradox Vector
Mythic Ocean
El Hijo
Bendy and the Dark Revival
Red Planet RTS

Screenshot Saturday Highlights - Art and Scenes in Motion ♥

A scene from 'Asher's Descent'
A character from 'Loaf the Game'
Combat from 'Gravastar'
Animation and gameplay from 'Later Alligator'
A project by VertexPolyFort
A character from 'Caito's Journey'
Mountains from 'The Mountaineer'
A scene from 'Ghost Song'
A creative critter from 'Vulpine'
A character by @EvanEGibbs
A cute, stylized corgi by @happyhappynemo

Screenshot Saturday Highlights - Art and Scenes in Stills ♥

A concept for 'Farlight Commanders'
A character concept for 'Bloom'
A scene from 'PIKO PIKO'
A character from 'Distropia'
A stlyish room by @_dstrm
A scene from 'Spark in the Dark'
An enemy from 'CyberCorp'
Character concepts for 'Shattered Blade'
A scene from 'Still There'
An area from 'Chrono Sword'

Watch the 10 highlights in video below: