Indie Game Lover: Screenshot Saturday: September 28th

September 30, 2019

Screenshot Saturday: September 28th

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A hand collected selection of some of this week's Screenshot Saturday finds.
This collection features: Hellsign, Iris and the Giant, Calico, Cuddle Up, Hover Cabby, and much more!
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Screenshot Saturday Highlights - Motion ♥

Cuddle Up
World of Illusions
Greak: Memories of Azur
Terror of Hemasaurus
Hover Cabby
Loco Looper
Feral Frontier
Neon Tail
Melkhior's Mansion
A game with a BEAR in it, by @zocklabs
A pico8 podracer by @johanpeitz

Screenshot Saturday Highlights - Stills ♥

A Shiba Story
The Song of Seven: Chapter One
Planet of Lana
Fallen City Brawl
Bug Fables
Path of Titans

Screenshot Saturday Highlights - Art and Scenes in Motion ♥

A scene from 'Iris and the Giant'
A scene from 'My Work Is Not Yet Done'
An animation for 'Welcome to Beacon Pines'
Character art by @_bpFarrell
A scene from 'Linked Mask'
Combat from 'The Tarnishing of Juxtia'
A scene by @AlexKentDixon
A scene from 'Calico'
Characters from 'Warriors and Tactics'
A character from 'The Serpent Rogue'
A cat from 'In Sound Mind'

Screenshot Saturday Highlights - Art and Scenes in Stills ♥

A scene by @sorincovor
Artwork by @cordiallycontgo
Character art for 'Rabbit Hole'
A scene by @polygrover
Characters from 'Bloom: Memories'
Artwork by VertexPolyFort
Characters from 'Clodhoppers'
A character by @gamedevfred
A character by @XunuluStudios
Environments from 'Edge Of Eternity'

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