Indie Game Lover: Screenshot Saturday: October 19th

October 21, 2019

Screenshot Saturday: October 19th

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A hand collected selection of some of this week's Screenshot Saturday finds.
This collection features: Ghost Song, Lost Paradise, Helvetii, Raji, Rog & Roll, Othercide, and much more!

Screenshot Saturday Highlights - Motion ♥

Amityville '76
Aron's Adventure
Lost Paradise
Ghost Song
The Tarnishing of Juxtia
Raji: An Ancient Epic
Protean Frame
Rog & Roll

Screenshot Saturday Highlights - Stills ♥

Planet of Lana
Sky Beneath
Bake ‘n Switch
Spirit Trail

Screenshot Saturday Highlights - Art and Scenes in Motion ♥

A scene from 'Vessels of Decay'
A character from 'Othercide'
A boss test from 'Pepper Grinder'
A level from 'Scourge Bringer'
A scene from 'Dogworld'
Combat animation from 'Swordcery'
Character animation by @jtangc, from 'One Step From Eden'
A location from 'Dreamscaper'
Running animation from 'TERRACOTTA'
The fire making mechanic from 'my work is not yet done'
A character model and animation by @_sarahbelhaha_
A scene from 'Lightyears from Home'
A short film animation by @AnimatedT

Screenshot Saturday Highlights - Art and Scenes in Stills ♥

A scene by @BeddowsDesign
Shader material exhibition by @RonanMahonArt
A scene by @SamarSonone
A character by @AnnaMimik, from 'KAPIA'
A scene by @KochkinGames
A scene from 'Mighty and Grom: The Stolen Sun'
Level lighting experiments by @ImRoob
A scene from 'Make a Killing'
Characters and levels by @Snowchimp_Dev
Levels from 'Dungeon Crowley'

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