Indie Game Lover: December Ends These Crowdfunding Highlights

November 17, 2019

December Ends These Crowdfunding Highlights

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Here are our curated video highlights of indie games seeking crowdfunding currently that are ending in December! Features Guinea Pig Parkour, Cult Of The Abyss, Sky Haven, The Truth Hurts, & Isles of Adalar.

There are many amazing games that are seeking crowdfunding at any given time, here are our highlights of ones with campaigns that are ending in December.

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More information on the indie games below:

Guinea Pig Parkour
Ends: December 5
» Kickstarter «
"Guinea Pig Parkour is a completely hand-drawn 2D platformer with adventure elements, drawing heavy inspiration from '90s animated cartoons and games. It is being animated and developed completely by one person."
Cult Of The Abyss
Ends: December 1
» Kickstarter «
"Cult Of The Abyss is a cute-horror-survival-sandbox that lands you in a broken world ruled by a dark apocalyptic cult. A whimsical journey takes place in which you play the character of a boy called “Quest” and his best friend “Dippy” - his dog. You both need to search for loot, explore and survive while you try to find a way home. You build your own hideouts, protect and defend them to not get overrun by the eerie creatures that hunt you at nighttime."
Sky Haven
Ends: December 20
» Kickstarter «
"This is an airport tycoon simulator being created by fans for fans of aviation. In this game, you will play through 150 years of history of air travel. You will develop your own airport within the framework of historical progress: from the very beginning of civil aviation to the near future."
The Truth Hurts
Ends: December 23
» Kickstarter «
"The Truth Hurts is a Visual Novel Slasher with an anime art style and a Murder Mystery format. Influenced by classic slasher titles in media, The Truth Hurts includes elements of mystery, thriller, and most importantly horror."
Isles of Adalar
Ends: December 10
» IndieGoGo «
"Isles of Adalar is an open world single player/co-op fantasy RPG that can be played in first or third person. The game is one part RPG one part RPG maker as it ships with an integrated level editor and Steam Workshop support. Users can mod the existing content or create their own."

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