Indie Game Lover: 7 New Indie Games: October Week 5

November 6, 2019

7 New Indie Games: October Week 5

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A small, curated collection of new and extraordinary indie games to love, all released during the fifth week of October 2019, including: ‎The Mosaic, Xeno Crisis, SONG OF HORROR, and more!
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The fifth and final week of October has already disappeared into the distance - it is now but a tiny dot on the horizon, where just days ago it could be identified by its unique jingle-jangle silhouette.

While October was hanging around, the month served up a mighty fine selection of digital delights, providing exciting indie games like the turn-based tactical RPG, WARSAW, the city-exploration visual novel, Neo Cab, the beautifully animated RPG, Indivisible, the open-world action-adventure game, Pine, the detective-centric RPG, Disco Elysium, puzzle game Kine, the side-scrolling action-adventure game, Stela, the puzzle-based adventure game, Tangle Tower, and the story-based adventure game, Afterparty! See that full list of enticing indie games in motion over here!

While you're here, we'll invite you to peek at the best indie games released during the previous weeks of October, too - there's a lot to soak in:

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What last few gifts did October bestow upon us? Watch our latest curated collection of impressive indie games above, and find out more about them through the links below!
Click the indie games below to discover our top picks for October Week 5.

Here is the indie game palette highlight from our curated collection.

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"There's a big music contest going on amongst the world's best animal DJs ! Armed with a big fishing rod and a plug, go fishing in deep waters to help the DJs catch all of the Monomals™, and create your very own music in the MonoMaker™!"

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