Indie Game Lover: Screenshot Saturday: December 21st

December 23, 2019

Screenshot Saturday: December 21st

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A hand collected selection of some of this week's Screenshot Saturday finds.
This collection features: Slasher's Keep, Breakneck City, Fury Unleashed, Raji: An Ancient Epic, Arbiter, and much more!

Screenshot Saturday Highlights - Motion ♥

Slasher's Keep
Shadows of Larth
Raji: An Ancient Epic
Roll Pumpkin
The Sigil
Fury Unleashed
A project by @polygone_
A project by @bmarci7
The Nexatli Expedition
Rog & Roll
Lumen Inferius
Breakneck City

Screenshot Saturday Highlights - Stills ♥

Death Carnival
FAITH: Chapter III

Screenshot Saturday Highlights - Art and Scenes in Motion ♥

A scene from 'The Knightwitch'
A scene by @mango_lychee
A character from 'Endling'
A character animation from 'One Step From Eden'
A sequence from 'Little Goody Two Shoes'
Character animation from 'Lost Paradise'
A sequence from 'Being & Becoming'
A character from 'KAPIA'
An environment by @Zaxelle
A scene from 'Echoes of Aeons'
A scene from 'Mallory'
A sequence by @johanpeitz
An animation by @MasterTapeworm
A scene from 'For The Warp'

Screenshot Saturday Highlights - Art and Scenes in Stills ♥

A scene by @lettier
Concept work for 'Tail Quest'
Lighting scenes by @BrianLeleux
An environment from 'Curious Expedition 2'
An environment from 'Rats for Breakfast'
Environments from 'Dread Delusion'
A scene from 'One Dreamer'
Artwork from 'Bot Gaiden'
A scene from 'BitUp'
Concept art for 'Unbound'

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