Indie Game Lover: Indie Dev World Order ♥ Week 1 January

January 10, 2020

Indie Dev World Order ♥ Week 1 January

indie game lover indie dev world order highlights
A hand collected selection of each week's standout finds from Indie Dev World Order.
This collection features 35 games with: Electro Ride, I Want To Go To Mars, Kingdom Fall, Silent Santicado, Hippoxxus, Domino House Game and much more!

See all 35 selected games below broken down into their daily section for easier jumping and each with a Superstar of the day.
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January 1

indie game lover superstar Domino House Game

Silent Santicado
Kingdom Fall
A project by JavGalego

January 2

indie game lover superstar I Want To Go To Mars

leftover nation
Death and Taxes
Leafvale Island
The Code

January 3

indie game lover superstar Jetboard Joust

A project by jellocube
Hive Quest

January 4

indie game lover superstar Electro Ride

The Coma 2
B Prototype Game
Rival Rebels
Eugenes Coffee Time

January 5

indie game lover superstar Demon Legend

Animation work by mrHellstorm
Run You Fools

January 6

indie game lover superstar Prep-school horror game project

Under a Desert Sun VR
Destructivator 2

January 7

indie game lover superstar Valiant Gears

Eat'n Eaten
Malware Rewritten
Artificer: Science of Magic
The Age of Tobas
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